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Malin Högberg

My name is Malin, and I am a ceramist and art educator with extensive teaching experience. I got a broad artistic education from Konstfack and a teaching degree. I have worked as a teacher in elementary and secondary schools for nearly 30 years. Inspiring, enthusing, and accompanying in the creative process from start to finish is my strength.

Photo: Marianne Stellin

Photo: Marianne Stellin


The passion to create

I min verkstad har jag egen tillverkning och försäljning av bruksföremål i stengods. Inspiration till mitt eget keramiska skapande hämtar jag från havet och stränderna runt Hönö. Min kärlek till Västkusten syns tydligast i ”Blåmusslan”, som blivit mitt signum.  ”Blåmusslan” är en serie skålar och uppläggningsfat som andas hav och Västkust.

In my workshop, I have my own production and sale of stoneware utility items. I draw inspiration for my own ceramic creations from the sea and the beaches around Hönö island. My love for the Swedish West Coast is most evident in “Blåmusslan” (the Sea Mussel), which has become my signature creation. “Blåmusslan” is a series of bowls and serving plates that exude the sea and the West Coast.

Ceramics in History

Already 8,000 years before our era, people in various parts of the world began to shape clay into bowls and other objects.

Initially, the clay was dried in the sunlight but then the discovery that firing the clay would increase its durability – thus, ceramics were invented.

Ever since, ceramics have been a constant companion to humans, both in everyday objects that simplified daily life and as a purely artistic expression.

For many people, ceramics mean joy, well-being, and harmony. Creating with your hands frees you from stress and increases your well-being. Ceramics provide both tranquility and positive stimulation of your brain as creative creation with your hands increases the production of endorphins.

Moreover, it’s incredibly fun to do something creative together with others, whether friends, family, or colleagues, which can also have positive social effects.